ICS’s core business consists in the design of a portfolio of services built to organize, optimize and leverage the flow of efficiency and innovation, aligned with the strategic goals of our clients business areas, through articulated work conceived to empower the most important resource for any company: its clients, partners and staff. With an extensive experience in specialized team management, ICS provides a set of external services to companies, optimizing practices and adding value, so that they can focus on their main assets.


ICS is a consulting/communication agency carrying the mission of optimizing practices in multi-sector companies, combining a vast specialized experience, critical thinking with deep commitment. Our multitask team blends strategic thinking and creative approaches in order to produce a tailored and compelling outcome, and amplify our clients strenghts by walking side-by-side. With a myriad of available services, we design 360º solutions, always in a straight collaboration with our clients through every step of the process. We have clients from all over the World, combining our wider, international experience with deep micro-scale knowledge, to effectively respond to our clients demands.


Costummer Support

Services that enable our clients to optimize the implementation of their operational strategies, providing new insights, skills and practices of excellence: analysis, personalized information and consulting, strategic partnerships, sales and reservations, guidance services, sales, costumer care,complaint management, flight management and staff training.

Marketing and Comunication

Services that (re)define our client’s brand identity, through a dialectical process of brand-thinking, analyzing and exploring future possibilities and compelling value propositions: social network management, content design, PPC strategies, naming, brand strategy, advertising, press relations, media consulting, graphic design, web mastering, video contents and e-commerce.


Customer Relationship Management services that aim to stimulate an efficient proximity and proactive interaction between our clients and their customers, partners and suppliers: design, production and organization of company events and brand experience strategies, alongside with its specific image and interface design, according to the defined positioning.







  • Parfaite maîtrise verbale et écrite du FRANÇAIS; Connaissances informatiques; Bonnes capacités de communication et d’organisation
  • Bonne gestion de conflits et du stress; Esprit d’équipe; Motivation; Empathie et sympathie

  • Réservations et ventes de billets; Informations sur les vols et procédures de la compagnie

  • Horaire à plein temps (rotatif); Contrat de travail d’un an renouvelable; Assurance maladie dès signature du contrat; Formation rémunérée et continue; Opportunités de carrière; Bonne ambiance de travail; Équipe jeune et dynamique
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    7 Tips & tricks that will help you shine in a job interview:

    7 Tips & tricks that will help you shine in a job interview:

    The demands and competitiveness in the job market are increasingly selective. As it becomes increasingly important to make a good first impression and make a difference from the first minute.

    Among the numerous ways to stand out positively, ICS issues a summary of 7 key tips aiming for an excellent display.

    The dress code must be appropriate to the type of job offer / position, as well as to the company you are applying to. If you have doubts about the most appropriate dress code, remember that it is always safer to opt for a more formal approach rather than a more casual one.

    In addition to researching for relevant information about the company you are applying to, also look for information about the issues normally posed by interviewers in recruitment.
    Simulate your answers aloud, as if you were in an real interview situation. Attention: always adapt the answers to your own personality, always avoiding standard answers. And, keep it in mind, your willingness and availability during the interview are decisive trumps that will make a difference in the final appreciation.

    Go over your CV until you know it as the ‘back of your hand’. Learn how to summarize it succinctly and accurately, and be prepared for any question that may be posed. For example, if you spend a considerable amount of time between two jobs, make sure you have an assertive explanation in order to justify this gap in a pro-active manner.

    Be aware of your weaknesses. In the majority of the situations, these will be raised by a question posed by the interviewer. Your sense of self-criticism coupled with a clever strategy for overcoming these weaker points will be worthy of some decisive points.

    During the interview, demonstrate the added value you can bring to the contracting company by giving practical examples of these valences in real situations, and based on your own personal experiences.

    As that the recruiting team will seek out the most information about you, try find out more about who will interview you. Finding / establishing proper and sincere convergences is an excellent generator of true empathy.

    Being well prepared for a job interview is half way to make a difference. Even if you are not selected for the job, that good impression will keep you in the hot spot for a future recruitment window, either in the short, medium or long term.

    ICS and its 7 Golden Rules

    ICS and its 7 Golden Rules

    The ICS team has more than 15 years of experience in specialized customer service. To offer an election service it is important to follow some fundamental rules for a personalized service that satisfies the needs of each client.

    In this way ICS devised a list of 7 Golden Rules for which its teams are governed:

    • Know the product and the service
    • Knowing the target
    • Make a document with predictable solutions
    • Being proactive
    • Have always where to make appointments during service
    • Fulfill your commitments
    • Do not be impatient and maintain sympathy

      Following these tips will be half way to creating a positive relationship with the client so that he or she can return to their services.

    ICS invited to 1st CCILF Employment Forum

    ICS invited to 1st CCILF Employment Forum

    ICS was one of the companies invited to the first Forum “Emprego em Portugal” organized by the Portuguese-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILF).

    The event took place on 28 February at the Olaias Park Hotel in Lisbon and served as a meeting point for companies that recruit employees in the Portuguese market and candidates to find a job in Portugal.

    In addition to receiving and interviewing several candidates on its stand, ICS presented its services and also participated in several thematic workshops on topics as relevant as the labor market situation, tax benefits to support recruitment, professional training, among many others.

    This first Forum emerged in the year in which the CCILF celebrates its 130th anniversary.

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